29/09 16:00 (CET+3)
1,5 hours
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About the webinar

"My subordinates are not okay, and I do not know how to help them. I want to talk to them, but I am afraid of being tactless. Somehow I need to maintain the productivity of the team..."

Since the beginning of the war, such pains have troubled many managers. Being a leader in wartime is something that business schools and fancy trainings didn't prepare us for, but it's something we had to adapt to very quickly. Over the past 6 months, Ukrainian managers have tried many practices, some of which have turned out to be very useful.

At the invitation of DEVELOR HUNGARY, Oksana Yuryk will hold a webinar "Managing teams in the war-like times", during which she will share the experience of being a manager in such unpredictable and turbulent times.

We invite you too, because if these basics help support teams in wartime, then they will definitely be effective during other crises as well.

What we will talk about:
◾️ What is expected from a leader in times of change and a high degree of uncertainty.
◾️ How a leader can support the psychological state of team members.
◾️ The SCARF model: which aspects of employee motivation are currently sagging the most.
◾️ How leadership routines should change taking into account the current situation.


Oksana Yuryk

Senior business trainer, consultant and coach, DEVELOR UKRAINE

Oksana has devoted more than 15 years to issues of leadership and staff development. On official duties and within the framework of cooperation with various international organizations, Oksana gained more than 10 years of experience in conducting trainings and coaching sessions for managers.

Oksana is also a certified consultant on mental health in organizations.

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